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Hello World!

Posted 18 November 2021 by Li Yue ChenLi Yue Chen

As per tradition, to celebrate the launch of the AppVenture Website featuring this shiny new blog (finally, after bursts of development over the year), we'll have:

console.log("Hello, World!");

Jokes aside, while we don't have a fixed posting schedule presently, here are things you can expect: write-ups after our CTF events, medium-style articles by our members on the latest tech news, reflections and sharings on projects, or even musings from interesting experiences and events we hold for the school and community.

Now, if you're curious why this is a thing: my motivation for redesigning the AppVenture website (again) was because I hoped to make something that's simpler and maintainable in the future. I actually thought the original website in Go was really nice, but because AppVenture is moving to TypeScript and Vue, it'll be difficult to get people who can continue to maintain in the long term. I didn't like the next version in Nuxt.js, however, because with the little content we had, setting up a database felt overkill. It also meant more annoying backups than just copying a git repository around. And, that's how we ended up with Gridsome.

Since we're going to redesign the site, I thought it'll be a good chance to include more than just a project showcase. For an interest group, a blog seemed like a great chance for members to share about any cool things they may be up to. Especially with the new stuff launched this year, such as the cybersecurity division and monthly sharings. Of course, I can't predict how the future of this will go though, since it'll launch after I graduate. But, I'm pretty optimistic about it.

If you're interested in this blog, stay tuned for more!

(Psst: If you're a nushie interested to write something or simply cross-post your articles here, feel free to contact us)